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_DSC5565_DxOBob Saxby is a woodturning craftsperson who makes handcrafted wooden bowls, peppermills, platters and bottle stoppers, with saws, mallets, wood screws and a whirling lathe.

_DSC5569_1_DxOBob has a love affair with the grain, heft and smell of wood. Ironically, his pieces usually begin as homely leftovers from tree removal, intercepted before they can be discarded or destroyed.

“I search for a spark of vitality inside the homely piece of tree branch: the grain’s flow or the curve of the bark line. I try to release that beauty, enhance it and rediscover its patina and glow. Turning and carving allow me to share with others, the touch, color and figure of the wood. My continuing quest is to put objects into our hands that remind us of the majestic vitality of the tree itself.”